G.P.P.R. – The Last Gang In Town

By - March 25th, 2011

G.P.P.R.   The Last Gang In Town

What is it about the primal yearning to belong? To be a member of something great? To take part in an endeavor? In its quarry of this most basic of human traits, designers at HELLZ BELLZ formulated a brand new initiative known only by its acronym, G.P.P.R. or Gentleman, Philosopher, Pervert, Rebel. Countering against the societal definitions, GPPR played the part of an instigator by naming its first collection as “The Last Gang In Town”. So who might these men be? Are they Gentleman? Each mannerly and act accordingly. Are they Philosophers? Scholars in pursue for the utmost knowledge. Or are they Perverts? Scoundrels with iniquitous intention. Or Rebel? Mutinous bunch against set laws and order. Though no answers are immediate, GPPR aspired to propagate these ideals through its designs as an ongoing theme. You can find the GPPR’s first collection at The Cloak online store and other retail doors in both US and Japan.


G.P.P.R.   The Last Gang In Town

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