askTINKER Sole Fly Private Event Recap

By - March 28th, 2011

A testament to the popularity of Tinker Hatfield– the designer of Air Jordans III through XV and then XX, XXIII, and 2010–is that people feel honored to have the man’s signature on their Air Jordan sneakers. This privately-held event at Miami’s Sole Fly was meant to honor the man whose designs have defined the world of sneakers indelibly.  When people line up over night for a nationally-released pair of Air Jordan XIs, they are still, decades later, honoring the man who conceptualized them. After the jump, click to see some of the most iconic models, the Air Jordan III, IV, XI, and XXIII with Tinker’s signature emblazoned on them. Photos by: Clyde // via: SN


why would he sign shoes he didn't design?