The North Face – Swallowtail Hoodie

By - March 29th, 2011

The North Face   Swallowtail Hoodie

The North Face is known for their heavy duty outerwear that can take the beating from the elements, yet in reality most of us will not even encounter these situations. A lightweight nylon jacket is designed to cater for enthusiasts who may take part in cycling, running, hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity. Weighing in at merely 160 grams, the Swallowtail Hoodie is ideal as it is water resistant and wind proof sans the bulkiness. It is available in black, purple and gray/black tone bodies. Zipped pockets on the waist is big enough to carry cell phones, MP3 players and pocket change. Intention Line online store in Japan carries these jackets at the moment.

The North Face   Swallowtail Hoodie

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