Ferrari x Kraken Opus Publishing – Official Ferrari Opus | 32.3-Carat Diamonds Studded Book

By - April 4th, 2011

It is quite difficult not “judge this book by its cover”. Introducing the Official Ferrari Opus, the official book about the world’s most extraordinary car company, Ferrari. Crafted by London-base publisher Kraken Opus, the 852-page tome weighs in at around 82-pound, with each page covering half meter square, or 19.6 square inches. Like its subject matter, there are several trims available for purchase:

  • Classic Edition – For $4,100, you can get one of 4,100 copies signed by Ferrari F1 racer Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso.
  • Cavallino Rampante Edition – For $7,000, the Cavallino Rampante gives you a book signed by “Ferrari greats, past and present.” Limited to only 500 copies.
  • Enzo Edition – Named after Ferrari’s founder, the $37,5000 book is handsomely bounded in premium red leather and sheathed away in a real carbon fiber case. Accompanied each of the 400 copies is a numbered and silver-foiled paper filled with personal signatures of “all living Ferrari champions”.
  • Enzo Diamante Edition – For those who wants exclusivity and expense is not a matter, there is the Enzo Diamant at the cost of $275,000 each. Essentially the Enzo Edition but covered by a Ferrari’s Prancing Horse logo in silver. Each is encrusted with roughly 1,500 diamonds, hand selected and set by a single artisan to ensure consistency in quality. Measured at 16cm x 12cm with 32.3-carat, the diamonds are at VVS-VS1 clarity and “F” on the color scale, making them some of the best gems available on the market.

With the exception of Enzo Diamante Edition, which is limited to one copy per country, the Official Ferrari Opus is now available as a special order through Kraken Opus. via: NY Times

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