The Hundreds Santa Monica Store

By - April 4th, 2011

Though known for their pranks and antics, this April Fool’s Day hoax by The Hundreds had a slightly different tone.  Instead, it marked the opening of The Hundreds Santa Monica, the label’s 4th flagship stores.  As expected, loyal fans of the label lined up along the new store’s perimeter for the doors to open.  And despite several teaser images posted on The Hundreds’ website, everyone associated with the label kept the store’s details under wrap till the opening.  To take full advantage of the South California climate, the store enjoys an “open layout” on 2 floors with large windows to welcome in the Sun.  The mostly white interior together with a gray scale stairway leading up to the gradually darker second floor.  Meanwhile, an intentional spillage of white paint propagate The Hundreds’ humorous streak.

The Hundreds Santa Monica (THSM)

416 Broadway Street | Map
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Beautiful. Well done. Best wishes!