Married To The MOB Spring 2011 Collection | Delivery 2

By - April 6th, 2011

No one else can really top Lady Gaga and Supreme, with the exception of the original Queen B!@ch of New York City, Leah McSweeney of MTTM. Along with “Sweet 16″ sister Sarah, long time MOB member Tabitha and others, built up a movement of “street smart, tough love” antics usually dominated by her male counterparts. Those antics are found once again on MTTM’s graphic tees. Loud, obscene, obnoxious, the statements on each matched all the above, yet there is remnant of humor and sensuality. Goes to show you behind that growling blond hot head flipping the bird, there is a fun-loving girl ready for a night out on the town. The Delivery 2 of Married To The MOB Spring 2011 Collection is now available at MTTM retail locations and its online store.