BAPE Store Hong Kong – I.T Hysan One Store Preview

By - April 7th, 2011

BAPE Store Hong Kong proudly presents their second store in Causeway Bay and it is integrated into the ground floor of the 25,000 square foot I.T Hysan One complex. As with all of the previous BAPE Stores around the world, Masamichi Katayama from WONDERWALL took on the responsibility of making sure the interior design is flawless. Not only did Katayama design the BAPE Store portion, he was appointed to design the full four story retail space and it is inviting and breathtaking to say the least. As expected the interior is decked out using stainless steel, glass, marble and wood materials, not to mention the eye catching multi colored BAPE neon signs on the exterior of the complex. It is definitely worth a visit just to check out the interior design and with over 150 international fashion brands housed in one store, it would be hard to walk out without making a purchase.

BAPE Store Hong Kong
I.T Hysan One| Map
G/F, 1 Hysan Avenue
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong