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By - April 10th, 2011

LeBron James Presents The LeBrons Animated Series: The Lion | Episode 1

LeBron James is a well known fan of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy series, and we’ve covered the cameo by James in the MacFarlane cartoon “Eight Things You Never Hear.” This week, episode one of The LeBrons debuted, on the show’s Youtube channel. LeBron’s corporate relationships are visible throughout the episode; characters are wearing Nike apparel, using HP products, listening to Beats by Dre headphones and using Bing for web searches.

>>LeBron James Presents The LeBrons Animated Series: The Lion | Episode 1


Canon x SBTG Feature | Video

The collaboration between Canon and SBTG has produced some nice photography accessories, but the best thing about the partnership is the video the project has produced, which offers some insight into the creative process and motivations of Mark Ong. Canon, using it’s own 5D Mark II camera, captures Ong, better known as the sneaker customizer SBTG, in his studio, surrounded by his examples of past work and inspirations. The video gives a great background to a man who has earned a huge amount of respect in the sneaker world.

>>Canon x SBTG Feature | Video


BMW X5 Security Plus Class 6 Armored Vehicle

Ahead of Auto Shanghai 2011, BMW is offering a look at an armored and secured X5 SUV. The vehicle effectively serves as social commentary; the luxury carmaker is clearly bearish on securing a stake in the enormous Chinese market, while highlighting the disparity of wealth that makes such security a desirable option. The X5 Security Plus sits in the middle range of the security options offered by the German automaker, and all cynicism aside, it’s a pretty cool vehicle.

>>BMW X5 Security Plus Class 6 Armored Vehicle