Thor The Movie | Preview

By - April 18th, 2011

22 years after he first immortalized Shakespeare’s Henry V on the silver screen, Thespian Kenneth Branagh is about to bring the Godly realm of Asgard into the midst of mankind with Thor. Based on the contemporary interpretation by Marvel Comics, Branagh’s Ragnarök-scale epic features fellow Thespian Anthony Hopkins as the King God Odin, Jamie Alexander as Sif the goddess of war, Tom Hiddleston as the jester god Loki, along with Heimdall, played by Idris Elba, and Chris Hemsworth, who gained “20-pound of pure muscle” as Thor, the God of Thunder. In teaching his egotistic son a lesson, Odin striped Thor his magical hammer and banished him to the mortal domain… to continue as the movie opens on Friday, May 6th.

YouTube Preview Image