The LeBrons Episode 3: Gloria

By - April 19th, 2011

the lebrons eps 3 The LeBrons  Episode 3: Gloria

In episode three of The LeBrons, the gang is faced with a potentially tricky domestic situation: Wise LeBron’s neighbor Gloria needs a place to stay while her house gets fumigated. The other LeBrons – Kid, Athlete, and Business – aren’t that excited that neighbor Gloria is around to cramp their style. But in the end, Gloria (which is also the name of James’ real-life mother) brings out the best in everyone – plus wins hearts with an amazing breakfast that brings everyone together around the kitchen table – highlighting the moral of episode three: family is everything. Or as LeBron puts it in his intro: “A lot of people come and go in your life, but in the end, it’s family who has your back.” Check out episode three in the ten part series after the jump, and stay tuned for episode four.

0 The LeBrons  Episode 3: Gloria

DOes Gloria do all the lebrons in this episode?