MINI Folding Bike – “Absolutely Emission Free…”

By - April 20th, 2011

MINI Folding Bike   Absolutely Emission Free...

The spotlight that casts over hybrid vehicle may end soon with the introduction of “Absolutely emission-free…” solution to global warming the MINI Folding Bike. With identical manufacturing methodology as MINI vehicles, the MINI Folding Bike, when unfurl, bears the same ride characteristics as with its full-size counterparts. Featuring 8 gears and 20-inch wheels yet weighing only around 24lbs. Other features include a Teflon-coated chain to to reduce chain oil built-up and a gel saddle comfort. With car park a scarcity in most urban centers around the world, the MINI Folding Bike is a welcoming addition to modern day mode of transport. To be available in August 2011 for around $725.

MINI Folding Bike   Absolutely Emission Free...

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