Benedict Radcliffe x Land Rover – Range Rover Evoque 3D Wireframe Installation

By - April 23rd, 2011

Not long after the unveiling of his wire frame Air Max 1 Sculpture for Nike and lyricist Dizzee Rascal, artist Benedict Radcliffe hid away in his London workshop the next year for a truly elaborated installation, a 3D mock-up of the new Range Rover Evoque. With inspiration from toy model set and in cross section form, the wireframe sculpture occupied the Land Range pavilion at this year’s Milan Design Week as the centerpiece. Steel tubings bended, wielded, painted in rainbow hues and polished, guests such as fashion designer Neil Barrett, DJ Manuela Fantoni, songstress Katerine Avgoustakis, all marveled the artwork from within. And like the model car set that inspired Radcliffe, this life-size facsimile can be deconstructed to form smaller installations as well. The Range Rover Evoque 3D Wireframe Installation will take part in future events as Land Rover reinvigorate the classic auto brand.

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Artist Benedict Radcliffe

Fashion Designer Neil Barrett