ColorWare – iPad 2 Design Options

By - May 4th, 2011

There is no need to adjust your monitor, you are indeed looking at a yellow Apple iPad 2. In the need of a gifting idea that is out of the ordinary?  ColorWare might just able to help.  The Minnesota-base customization company announced its new design options for Apple iPad 2.  21 Solid Colors, 21 Metallic Coatings, and 4 “Pearlize” Colorways – a total of 46 options for you apply on 4 different elements of iPad 2.  A secret Apple evangelist among Window crowd? ColorWare also added a choice for you to remove the pesky Apple insignia, along with the addition of corporate branding.  Now you have some thing to accompany that Beats Chrome Headphones of yours. via: CrunchGear

YouTube Preview Image