Honda Motorcycles – Sabre “Switchblade” Concept | By Edward Birtulescu

By - May 9th, 2011

Honda Motorcycles   Sabre Switchblade Concept | By Edward Birtulescu

Before its cars, its lawnmowers, its jets, even its ASIMO, Honda was just a lowly producer of 2-cycle motorbike engines. Harking back to those same ingenuity spirits as the company’s founder, Soichiro Honda, the company’s motorcycles division lavished 3 of its young designers with an opportunity to create their dream concepts. A few criteria, including a limited budget and a 3-month build period, the designers utilized the new VT1300cc engine/tank as base, then build upon it with the current Honda Motorcycles line as inspiration.

For Edward Birtulescu at Honda R&D Americas, it was blending the line between MotoGP and Formula 1. With Honda’s 2010 Sabre cruiser as his foundation, Birtulescu created the Switchblade, a professional drag-racing concept. While the Switchblade shared the same stock frame and VT1300cc engine as the Sabre, Birtulescu tuned the bike with full carbon fiber treatment, even down to its seat. Added is a 535 Chain, racing spec calipers, and GPS-base lap timer. To cut even more weight, carbon fiber, instead of traditional alloy, took the place of both front and rear wheels. And unlike other concept vehicles out there, as the requirement stipulated, this concept is fully functional. The Honda Motocycles Sabre “Switchblade” Concept made its debut December of last year and will be feature at motorcycles shows nationwide for the duration of 2011.

Technical Specifications:
– Stock frame, VT1300cc engine & tank
– 3way fully adjustable sport suspension
– Carbon fiber custom bodywork & spec seat
– 535 Chain conversion (Before shaft drive)
– Single sided swing arm conversion
– Racing spec calipers & rotors
– Carbon Fiber 18″ rear wheel – Front wheel 21″ carbon fiber
– Onboard GPS laptimer & data acquisition unit
– Oversize Billet Top and lower bridge
– Air/Box/cleaner Conversion

Honda Motorcycles   Sabre Switchblade Concept | By Edward Birtulescu

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