Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Ambulance Concept

By - May 12th, 2011

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Ambulance Concept

Mercedes-Benz turned heads initially when the images of SLS AMG concept car took to the cyberspace. After its official release, the gullwinged supercar continued to awe audience in the form of a pace car at various international races. Now its developer, Mercedes AMG, is aiming to help civilians in need as an SLS AMG Ambulance. Any automotive enthusiast will be happy to get injured just to take a ride in this Alubeam colored ambulance. Though this car is still at concept stage, Mercedes-Benz seems serious enough about its production because the proposed ambulance would be quipped with explosive charges on the gullwing doors, in case the doors need to be removed in the case of a rollover accident. via: autoblog

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Ambulance Concept

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