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By - May 12th, 2011

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Remember the “net book”? Before the first Apple iPad ushered in the post-PC era, web-centric laptops were all the rage. Small, thin, and less power-hungry than their desktop counterparts, these mighty minis, with their Intel Atom processor, made computing truly “mobile”. As the Google I/O Conference for 2011 winded down yesterday evening, several future initiatives highlighted by the search engine giant and its partners became clearer, including re-introduction of the “net book”, or in this case, Chromebook.

The first in its series, the Google x Samsung Chromebook Series 5 is also the first as in its category. Comes in at only 3.3-lbs and at a thickness of 0.79-inch, its on par with its closest competitor, the Apple MacBook Air. Unlike the previous generation of net books, Chromebook will have a Dual-Core Processor by Intel, along with a 12.1-inch display. Start up time in less than 10-seconds versus the industry average of 45-seconds and yet average around 8.5 hours of battery life per charge. The most notable aspect, however, is the retail price point with Wi-Fi + 3G model going for US $499.99 and the WiFi only model at US $429.99, giving the Chromebook a clear competitive edge against Google’s longtime rivals, Apple and Microsoft. The Google x Samsung Chromebook Series, in white or titan silver, will be for sale at and on June 15, 2011.

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WOW, its a laptop!

Carl Razazi
Carl Razazi

I always said we'd all be running Chrome.... but is it a secure platform....?