CONVERSE First String Jack Purcell Johnny Weld Pack | Available Now

By - May 16th, 2011

A part of CONVERSE lore, while Jack Purcell was formidable foe on the badminton court and a mean slicer of the shuttlecock, he was best known for 2 other traits, an affable personality and his signature smile. Those were also the 2 characteristics forever affixed on his namesake sneakers by CONVERSE. In a contemporary rendition, the Jack Purcell underwent a premium treatment as part of CONVERSE First String Collection. Applied at mid foot is a waterproof seam-seal finish known as Bemis weld, more commonly found on outdoor gears and tents. Another departure from the original is its nylon upper, in place of the tradition cotton canvas.  Lined with terry clothes and a fine pinstripe along the midsole, both reflective of the classic sneakers worn 3 decades ago.  In high top and low forms, all 3 are now available at HAVEN stores, its online store, and CONVERSE First String retail locations.

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