Nike 6.0 Snowboarding – Chosen | Trailer Video

By - May 17th, 2011

Nike 6.0 Snowboarding   Chosen | Trailer Video

Just as its brethren in Nike 6.0 Surf and Nike Skateboarding did the past few days, Nike 6.0 Snowboarding also launched its very own trailer in anticipation of Chosen, a full-length feature set to debut on June 2nd. Though Nike‘s been tight lipped about the new initiative. The few glimpses revealed athletes, or in this case snowboarders Greg Bretz, Louie Vito, Peetu Piiroinen and other as individual talents. Yet as a collective when need be. Similar with other Chosen trailers, each rider showcased their skills along snow banks and half pipe in pitch darkness with exception of a few spot lights, a highly effective way to peak the audiences’ interest. For the time till then, here are some still images of involved riders in action.

Nike 6.0 Snowboarding   Chosen | Trailer Video

Ellery Hollingsworth
A living example of an “active lifestyle”, Ellery Hollingsworth claims not one location but three different places across U.S. as her home base in her Nike 6.0 profile. That’s not all, the 19-year-old surfs, plays golf, soccer, tennis, and yoga. That is when she’s not training for the next big snowboarding competition.


Greg Bretz

Riding since the age of 5 and competing when he was 10, Greg Bretz took home one win, three 2nd place finishes, and one 3rd place finish all in one year. Making him one to watch in the years to come.

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