UNDRCRWN – Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Lookbook

By - May 19th, 2011

UNDRCRWN   Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Lookbook

If famed literally figure Harold Bloom called Shakespeare “the inventor of human”, then he must agree that Greek mythology played a role in the creation of culture. References of it permeated through every aspect of our modern society that its difficult to fantom their influences. One bearing quite obvious however is the world of sports. The Spartans, Athletics, Senators, Titans and the likes all had a reverence to the Gods and Goddess on Mount Olympus. Even icons of symbolic nature, the trident of Poseidon, winged foot of Hermes, Zeus’ lightening bolt, all took inspirations from the tales of god and beast, hubris and humility, triumphs and defeats.

In a playful mixture of classic hip-hop, fervor fandoms and classic Greek sagas, Dustin Canalin of UNDRCRWN created a styling applicable for all who love sports and the different facets of it. In addition to the graphic tee, tanks, and snap-back caps, Canalin also added a fun novelty this season, an oversized foam finger, for those die hard with an ardency to taunt the “other side”. For sale, the UNDRCRWN Collection for Spring/Summer 2011 (and foam finger) are all available now at the label’s official online store and select retailer worldwide.

UNDRCRWN   Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Lookbook

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