Curated by Arkitip Arkitip x Incase x Rostarr

By - May 25th, 2011

Curated by Arkitip  Arkitip x Incase x Rostarr

Forget all you have read or known about artworks by Romon Kimin Yang, or better known as Rostarr. To truly decipher the hugely talented Brooklynite’s vast array of paintings, prints, designs, mural, films, and etc… keep the term “fractal” in mind. Similar to the complex algorithm made famous by the late Dr. Benoît Mandelbrot, Rostarr’s works are endless continuities of bold black and white forms, relative in the context as well repetitive. But to fully appreciate the scope or his subject matter, pull yourself away from the work and observe it from afar. Quite literally, the forms come to life, like ebb and flow of ocean waves, each shape moves to their own rhythm though there is also a sort of synchronistic spin to the work as a whole. What Rostarr did and still doing, since 2 decades ago a member of Barnstormers to now, is to challenge his audiences to the true definition of art as something that is vibrant and most of all, alive. And with the Curated by Arkitip series between himself, Incase, and creative collective Arkitip, Rostarr hopes to bring the same approach to the masses.

In the forms of a Convertible Book Jacket for iPad and iPad 2, a Snap Case for iPhone 4, and 15-inch Sleeve for MacBook Pro, all are dressed in the familiar Rostarr’s signature geometric patterns. In variations of white, light grey, and dark grey, the “Graphysics” shapes gave the appearance of “dancing” around the epitaph that marked the center, Rostarr’s The Seed icon in brilliant orange. Limited in numbers produced, all of items of the collection are now available through pre-order at Incase online store. Please allow 4 weeks for shipment to start.

Curated by Arkitip  Arkitip x Incase x Rostarr

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