Loopwheeler – New Website

By - May 26th, 2011

Since Satoshi Suzuki introduced loopwheeler loom fabric into the general public’s consciousness, several imitations have joined the fray as well. While he cannot lay claim to be the first to do so, Suzuki certainly can claim to be the most authentic. From the acquisition of the loopwheeler looms themselves, a process hampered by the search of these nearly 100-year old machines, the search for long gone parts, through their notoriously demanding upkeep, Suzuki obliged. Now, the process is documented on the new, just launched website of his label, eponymously named Loopwheeler as well. So far only in Japanese with an English version to come soon, the new site explores the production methodology, the different fabrics and weaves Loopwheeler made, and finally, the various end products. A few interesting secret unveiled too, including the important role of empty milk bottles.