Audi Trimaran Concept | With Twin Jet Skis

By - May 28th, 2011

Flexing its engineering prowess, luxury auto maker Audi took on the concept project by Stefanie Behringer, a student from Germany’s Pforzheim Technical College. The idea was to put Audi‘s extensive technical innovations and know-how onto the water with the Audi Trimaran. Measured at 15-meter long, or approximately 50 feet, the silver arrow would accommodate 2 sleeping quarters and a sizable kitchenette below deck. On deck above, graceful lines enveloped the lounge are,a dominated by 2 facing benches in white that also double as tanning lounge chairs.  Audi’s racing heritage is visible through the 2 control modules at the front for piloting and navigation.  A large glass canopy cantileverd across as both windshield and sun shade.

Already impressive, Behringer intended the Trimaran to be ecological friendly as well.  For speed below 8 knots, such as navigating through busy harbors, the Audi Trimaran would use its 2 electric motors, located in the outrigger hulls at starboard and port sides. In actuality, the 2 are carefully stored jet skis, perfect examples of ingenuity.  There are also 2 Audi TDI diesel engines on board in case there was a need for speed above 30 knots. The power generated also charge the battery on board the jet skis.  While impressive, Audi stipulated this was simply an exercise in engineering possibilities with no plans for production, as of now.