HEAD PORTER – Camera Strap

By - June 7th, 2011

HEAD PORTER   Camera Strap

With the emergence of affordable DSLR cameras and resurgence of SLR camera enthusiasts, the camera accessories industry is thriving as a result. There are probably just as many camera straps to choose from as there are cameras and HEADPORTER are releasing three new straps for the aforementioned audience. Two of the straps use the star dotted fabric from the Stellar series and for those who want a mature aesthetic the minimalist Black Beauty strap may do the trick. Apart from the differences in fabrics, the construction of the strap remains the same and each strap is made from a thick nylon taffeta material. Velcro pockets can be found on one end of the strap and it hides compartments for memory cards of various sizes. All of the straps are currently available at HEADPORTER online store and authorized retailers world wide.

HEAD PORTER   Camera Strap

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