Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes – The Rise 50 Summit

By - June 7th, 2011

Last Friday, 20th Century Fox invited me to Los Angeles to the 20th Century Fox studios for The Rise 50 Summit which was a one day event dedicated to the upcoming Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes film. The day was filled with a number of speakers involved with the film including current Fox Filmed Entertainment CEO Tim Rothman, director Rupert Wyatt, and producer and former CEO of Fox Entertainment Group Peter Chernins. The day started with an introduction to Planet Of The Apes from Tim Rothman, from the original to the 2001 and finally the 2011 production. The director of the upcoming Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Rupert Wyatt followed with an introduction to the film and some behind the scenes look at some of his directorial choices. After Rupert was a break for lunch and a quick tour of the Fox Studio but unfortunately due to time constraints, we only toured a few notable exteriors and one large set. Peter Chernins, the producer and former CEO of Fox Entertainment Group was up after lunch to talk about his involvement with the film as well as  dish some of his expertise on being a media mogul. Next up was the Academy award winning visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri from WETA who finally confirmed that Caesar the ape protagonist is in fact all digital. While there were some important speakers at the summit, most geeked out when Joe Letteri got on stage. Joe was the visual effects supervisor behind such films as, Avatar, The Lord of the Rings franchise, Mission: Impossible, and a large number of other ground breaking and visually stunning sci-fi films. And last up was Oren Aviv, Fox’s Chief Marketing Officer and Mekanism’s Jason Harris who spoke to the marketing of the film. Most of the summit was off limits to cameras so I was only able to capture a few photos before, after and during the tour of the Fox Studio.

After spending a day being educated about some of the processes, production, behind the scenes and marketing of The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, I was very much intrigued by this new take on the classic. The film is more of a new take on a prequel to the original Planet Of The Apes film and takes place in a ‘what happens if…’ present day setting. The story takes place in San Francisco and follows experiments with genetic engineering on apes, leading to the development of intelligence in apes and the making of an ape general. If you are as interested as we, there are two trailers out (below), a WETA making of featurette (below), Facebook fan page and also the apeswillrise.com site.

Full disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that my time, travel and accommodations have been compensated by 20th Century Fox for my participation in the “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” campaign. Although I have a material connection to 20th Century Fox, any publicly stated opinions of 20th Century Fox and the film remain my own.

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Behind the scenes Weta featurette
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