Men In Black 3 – Takes Over Mercer Street SoHo

By - June 9th, 2011

Beehives and classic rides lined SoHo’s Mercer Street the last days. And no, Halloween did not come early this year. Instead, it was the filming of Men In Black III. In a time traveling sequence, Agent J, effortlessly played by Will Smith, went back in time to prevent the demise of his future partner, Agent K. With the younger Agent K, acted by Josh Brolin (whose uncanny resemblance to Tommy Lee Jones is such that many gawkers had to do a double-take) and a squadron-strong of MIB Agents in tow, Agent J was about to confront some extraterrestrial heavy hitters at The Factory, artist Andy Warhol’s gathering place for creative minds and experimental expressions. Unfortunately, we all have to wait till next year to see the film in its entirety.

Photography: Poe for Freshness

mib 3
mib 3

Men in Black III is scheduled for release in May of 2012. Can't wait to watch it