Sneaker Con NYC – 06-18-2011 | Event Recap

By - June 20th, 2011

Sneaker Con NYC   06 18 2011 | Event Recap

In Chinese traditions, a wedding is generally known as an occasion of “Double Happiness”, where an already auspicious event is enumerated by several more. The most recent Sneaker Con New York City, which took place on Saturday, was just such occasion. As a wedding party of several hundreds packed into the St. Anthony of Padua‘s vaulted hall up above, several thousands sneaker fanatics made their rotation in and out of the event space on the cathedral’s lower level. While the juxtaposition of two very different celebrations may appear to be chaotic, it was just the opposite with spectators on both sides treating stories about past line-ups and favorite kicks. As for the business-at-hand, the dealings and tradings of sneakers, many already took place right on the queue for entry. That, plus the 30 or so vendors on display and the thousands (we lost count after the 1000th visitor) of attendees, the Sneaker Con NYC for June 2011 was by far a huge success story, despite the stiflingly heat and humidity…

Photography: Poe for Freshness

Sneaker Con NYC   06 18 2011 | Event Recap

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