And Still – Vintage Sportswear Store – Los Angeles

By - June 22nd, 2011

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If you ever wonder where your favorite celeb goes to get their vintage gear it’s most likely And Still on La Brea. Owners Jeremy Shapiro & Kirk Tilton have been supplying vintage sportswear to customers for over 3 years now since it’s opening in May of 2008. The question many people ask themselves when you step inside their massive location (that shares a wall with UNDFTD)  is where do they find all this vintage?  The next thing you will think is how can they sustain selling genuine snapbacks, vintage starter jackets, and insane hard to find t-shirts. Jeremy and Kirk are masters of the vintage game, their personal collections and sourcing techniques keeps the shelves stocked with everything from the must have vintage snapbacks including the oh so rare infamous Santa hat.

Yo MTV Raps cards could serve as And Still’s look book. A miniature  boxing ring adds to the décor and doubles as a display case.  Tyler from Odd Future was spotted here earlier this week buying a Miami Hurricanes button up.  If you want your closet to look like a photo from the 1992 All Star Game (any sport) you need to see this place.

And Still
114 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
Neighborhood: Mid-City West
(323) 937-0016

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92' isn't vintage, but the store is dope. Great job with the ring and wall art. @yojbass


1992 aint vintage!

Lauderdale J
Lauderdale J

Randomly stumbled into this shop on my first trip to LA last year. Found myself saying, "oh shit, they got..." on several occassions -- 80's babies will OD in there. If you're in LA and want some fits from the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff "Summer Time" video, they got you. Its a definite must see.