Eminem – “Space Bound” Video | Featuring Sasha Grey

By - June 27th, 2011

Eminem   Space Bound Video | Featuring Sasha Grey

The sultry seductress http://sashagrey.com” target=”_blank”>Sasha Grey soften the graphically explicit images, though only somewhat. The latest music video from http://eminem.com” target=”_blank”>Eminem is certainly not for the faint of heart and you’re most likely see the heavily censor version of it soon. From its paid debut last Friday on http://apple.com/itunes” target=”_blank”>Apple iTunes till today’s wider distribution on http://vevo.com” target=”_blank”>VEVO, speculations abound on the meaning behind Eminem’s “Space Bound” and its visual depiction of a romance gone awry. There’s been everything from Eminem’s own marital issue to obsession that led to a final act of desperation. When asked during her interview with http://mtv.com/news/articles/1666453/eminem-sasha-grey-space-bound-video.jhtml” target=”_blank”>MTV News, Grey explained “…that even the strongest of love meets destruction at some point…” Eminem’s “Space Bound” music video featuring Sasha Grey is now available for view on http://vevo.com” target=”_blank”>VEVO


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