Nike Hyperfuse 2011 – Run With Team Nike Edition | Dyckman Park Basketball Tournament

By - June 28th, 2011

“Run With Us or Run From Us” isn’t merely a motto but serves as a warning that they own this game up in Harlem. And if you think you’re ready to meet them on the basketball courts of Dyckman Park, count your blessings. Not only they will “school” you on the true nature of the game, they will trample whatever self esteem you have left. Welcome to Street Ball, NYC.

Adding to the ensemble of “Anti Freeze” Dobie, “i Robot” Glover, “The Beast” McFarland, and “Too Hard To Guard” DeLeon will be the new Hyperfuse 2011 from Nike Basketball. A new arsenal to reckon with, the fiery red colorway with black accent and “NYC Swoosh” emblem all serve one purpose a warning to those on the opposite side. See updates and action reports of Team Nike and their Run With Team Nike edition Hyperfuse 2011 on