Land Rover – Range Rover Evoque

By - June 29th, 2011

Urban dwellers know one thing all too well, that no “space” is a free space, especially the space is for your modern steed. In search of a solution for urbanites, Land Rover designed the Range Rover Evoque, the first of its vehicle class in the 60+ years of the company. Powered by either a fuel efficient diesel engine, a turbocharged 2.0-liter six-cylinder engine rated at 240-horsepower, or a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the Range Rover Evoque is a derivative of the LRX concept car seen a few years ago. Developed to be a full fledged SUV, it retains all the rugged heritage of Land Rover, including the advance Land Rover Terrain Response, a smart all-weather and terrains drive system. Though the vehicle’s on permanent 4-wheel drive mode, its drive management system is adaptive, which equals to less fuel consumption. But when you think of Land Rover, its not only about the all-terrain capability. Similar to its larger cousins, the Evoque is richly appointed with premium leather upholstery and HiFi system that will rival against any audiophile’s home. Yet, its compact form factor means you can park it almost anywhere in the city without worrying about your “tail stick beyond the curb”. Available at 160 countries this Fall with stick price starting at $45,000.


The new Range Rover Evoque looks awesome in red exterior, and it seems to come with luxurious interior cabin along with very aggressive exterior outlook.