nanamica x The North Face x Yellow Rat – Capsule Collection

By - July 4th, 2011

fanny pack 3 570x380

Best known internationally as the minds behind The North Face Purple Label collection, nanamica is also a famous brand in its own right in Japan. A conscious brand that retains close proximity with environmental issues and revolves around utility, nanamica shares the “One Ocean, All Lands” message in their collections. Here is the preview of the capsule collection created with The North Face and California surf brand Yellow Rat. Each item features artwork by Los Angeles based professional surfer Tyler Warren in gray and navy monotone. Further more, nanamica initially donated 600 Polartec blankets to the Tohoku region of Japan which was affected by the tragic earthquakes and this collection will be the second installment of aid with 5% of the profit allocated for donation. via:

medium day pack 570x531

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fanny pack 570x380

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