Decode Jay-Z with Bing | Detailed Look

By - July 5th, 2011

Decode Jay Z with Bing | Detailed Look

A year later, it is still the most talked about advertising campaign for search engine Bing though little details are known at the time. With the brain behind the campaign, creative agency Droga5, taking home 4 Titanium Lions at last month’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the first firm to do so, peculiarities on Decode Jay-Z with Bing have surfaced.

In looking to disturb Google’s dominance in the search engine market, Droga5 thought of a less-than-obvious tie-in choice, Decoded, autobiography by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. If the name Droga5 rings a bell, the young ad firm gained notoriety when it staged a faux graffiti bombing of Air Force One for ECKO Unlimited back in 2006. To riffle some of Google’s feathers, Droga5 devised a real-life treasure hunt where 5-10 pages from the book will be revealed at an undisclosed locations across 13 cities. To fully appreciate the magnitude, each location has direct relevancy to the book’s pages and literally have fans “walking the streets” from Jigga’s past. And when locations cannot tell the story fully, Droga5 improvised – Gucci leather jacket lined with texts from the book, pages burnished on restaurant plates, even a bronze plaque on Marcy Housing Projects where Jay-Z grew up (seen above). In all, the campaign only took a month’s time, but the resulting effects on popular culture are priceless.

Decode Jay Z with Bing | Detailed Look

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