Acapulco Gold – Summer 2011 | Available Now

By - July 6th, 2011

Acapulco Gold   Summer 2011 | Available Now

No label’s aesthetic fits the familiar saying that one should “…tread lightly and carry a big stick; you will go far…” than Acapulco Gold. Collections after collections, the New York-base brand turns its antics up a notch. Yet, its demurred designs and seasonal staples will have you wonder what is the true concept behind it. It is actually quite simple actually. The creative team is without fail in providing premium clothing with fabrics from Japan and designs from the States. The “twist” comes in when you see its statements and graphics, like the iconic Angry Lo Bear, a street smart teddy bear with anger management issue, or its AG War Camp Cap, harks back to that old NYC attitude of the city as an urban war zone. Its “Have You Seen Him” with Osama bin Laden skate deck spelled out the best, that looks can be deceiving and danger is always around the corner so prepare yourself for the worst. Summer 2011 Collection from Acapulco Gold is now available at its online store and select retailers with AG account. Big stick sold separately.

Acapulco Gold   Summer 2011 | Available Now










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