Honda Motorcycles Stateline “Slammer” Concept | By Erik Dunshee

By - July 8th, 2011

Honda Motorcycles  Stateline Slammer Concept | By Erik Dunshee

To nurture the same ingenuity spirits which made a humble producer of simple 2-cycle engine thrive into world’s most renowned auto manufacture, Honda challenged 3 members of its R&D department to the task of making their dream motorcycles. Under a limited budget and 3-month build time frame, each designer churned up masterpiece of speed. Similar to the aforementioned Honda Sabre “Switchblade” Concept by Edward Birtulescu, his colleague at Honda R&D Americas, Erik Dunshee, created his concept from existing stock frame and Honda’s VT1300cc powerplant. However, Dunshee selected the 2010 Honda Stateline as his base instead. Outfitted with a full adjustable air-ride suspension, a beautiful tonal paint job in metallic black & pearl black, and a custom body, the Stateline “Slammer” Concept is how Dunshee envisioned a low-rider to be. To further that attitude of “letting the road take you to your destination”, Dunshee added Navigation/Multimedia unit at the center console and a HiFi system featuring 500 watts of raw power and a 10″ subwoofer. “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf will never sound the same…

Technical Specifications:
– Stock: Frame, swing arm, VT1300cc engine and tank
– 23″ Spec designed front wheel
– Fully “Air ride adjustable” front & rear suspension 6″ ride height to 2.25″ lowered
– Composite coated narrow track front rotor with 6 piston caliper
– Nav/Multimedia Head unit with GPS speed display
– 3 speaker including a 10″ subwoofer 500 watt sound system
– Full custom bodywork including a leather drop seat
– 2 tone Satin metallic black & pearl black paint
– Custom Spec crossover twin pipe exhaust
– Air/Box/cleaner Conversion

Honda Motorcycles  Stateline Slammer Concept | By Erik Dunshee

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Nathan Schafer
Nathan Schafer

Is there any way to have this bike built or buy this one? I just bought the Honda Fury but I would sell in a heart beat for this bike. Please let me know!


I like that Harley!

J-Dub C
J-Dub C

I saw an article and pictures of this months ago. Fantastic bike! I have never been a fan of the bagger style until now. I wish I were wealthy enough to ask for an identical to be made for me. Edward Birtulescu you are a brilliant man. You matched the front fearing perfectly to the tank, great job with every detail! I like what you have done with this and the Fury. I have only owned Honda bikes, I have done some custom/modification myself but nothing to this level. I just sold my Shadow a few months ago and am itching to be able to afford my next bike. If I could restart my career path it would be working with bikes as you do. Happy riding.