Ford Interceptor Concepts | To Star In Mad Max 4: Fury Road

By - July 11th, 2011

If a car can “steal” a scene from the hottest woman alive, then that honor goes to Barricade, the Decepticon enforcer in the Transformers trilogy. But the modified 2008 Ford Mustang Saleen will not have that title for long. Details are a plenty on the upcoming Mad Max installment, the Mad Max 4: Fury Road. While Mel Gibson will not reprise the role of a post-apocalyptic road warrior (the role will be going to actor Tom Hardy of Inception), his sidekick, the Ford XB Falcon GT351, will make the cut.

For the month of July, readers of TopGear Australia magazine will get the opportunity to vote on 2 renderings of Ford Interceptor Concepts by either Nima Nourian or Simon Brook. Packed with enough high tech armaments, like a giant “taser” to incapacitate your enemies’ vehicles to the low brow method of tire shredders, each titanium clad desert furies will leave sexy co-stars Teresa Palmer and Charlize Theron in the dust… via: Autoblog

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beautiful designed machines.They aint just cars ,but the future. The designer must come from another planet,or is michaelangelo re-born.