HIXSEPT – Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Lookbook | ETUDES

By - July 12th, 2011

HIXSEPT   Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Lookbook | ETUDES

Etudes, or simply “to study” in French. But what of and for what purpose besides the nourishment of knowledge? Such simple question with perplexing amount of reasoning and answers. It was all as intended, however, but creative duo Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry (aka AA-JE). From its establishment in 1999, their label, HIXSEPT, been a curious blend of research, exploration, and experimentation, all through clothing. For its Fall and Winter 2011 Collection, they turned their attentions to the act of studying, the preliminary research before the final product, or in this context, the exam. And while the most of the designs for the new seasons are familiar, like a studious pupil, HIXSEPT wants their customer to “revisit” the clothing after purchase and explore the little details. The learning curve is turn up notch higher with 2 collaborative collections, with French labels Armor Lux and Paraboot. While the theme is about the act of scholarship, we can reassure you that there will not be an exam after this.

HIXSEPT   Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Lookbook | ETUDES

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