SAGLIFE – Air Force One – Teal

By - July 19th, 2011

SAGLIFE   Air Force One   Teal

The Air Force One is one of the top sellers in SAGLIFE‘s product range and it’s popularity is attributed to its large capacity and ruggedness. It was also the original action sport backpack that featured the roll top enclosure system, which had been imitated by many brands. A new Teal and White color scheme has just arrived at Chari & Co. It is water resistant and works well for messengers or snowboarders as well as for short trips interstate. Reflective tape on the front provide extra safety and clear compartment next to it can house stickers or flyers, making customization easy. To reduce the burden on the wearer, thick mesh padding is applied on the shoulder pads and back for comfort and ventilation.

SAGLIFE   Air Force One   Teal

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