Old Spice – Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio | Video

By - July 25th, 2011

Old Spice   Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio | Video

In the centuries old tradition of Mano a Mano in el Baño, the maned romantic for the ages, Fabio, will go head to head tomorrow at High Noon against the Old Spice Guy (aka Isaiah Mustafa). In a battle of wits and words, Fabio declared himself as the new Old Spice Guy that will “give you pearls all the time”. Taking that declaration with his signature charm, Mustafa acknowledged the challenger as “a certain man with hair who’s been using a very harsh and accented vernacular”. So tune in tomorrow at 12 pm EST to see who will win this war for your shower.

Old Spice   Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio | Video YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


WHATEVER! All that I would ask is that the original Old Spice scent be available. Dress it up anyway you want but give us back the original olfactory hues, please. We are now looking for something other than Old Spice because none of the new stuff even smells remotely like the original. That original aroma which has be in my nose for the last 50 years is missed and its absence will cause us to shop elsewhere! Thanks for listening.