PENDLETON – Playing Cards

By - July 26th, 2011

playing cards 04 PENDLETON   Playing Cards

The PENDLETON brand is a family owned business that continues to produce high quality apparel for over 140 years. Their products often feature Native American inspired patterns in vibrant colors and this latest product reflect their brand concept. Packaged in a custom wooden box, the original playing cards are designed with eight pointed stars in the middle and on all four corners reminiscent of their wool blankets. Inside the box, blue plush lining matches the blue stars and contrasts the bright red backdrop of the cards. These will be a good decoration for your home or as a gift for your friend who just can’t get enough of PENDLETON. via: CLSTR

playing cards 03 570x306 PENDLETON   Playing Cards

playing cards 021 570x570 PENDLETON   Playing Cards

playing cards 00 570x570 PENDLETON   Playing Cards

playing cards 011 570x570 PENDLETON   Playing Cards