Oakley – Jupiter Camo Series

By - July 27th, 2011

Oakley   Jupiter Camo SeriesThe latest series of sunglasses by Oakley are unconventional yet it shows the witty nature of the brand. These glasses are called Jupiter Camo Series and the pack is inspired by their pet frog in the office called Jupiter. Five staple models, Frogskins, Holbrook, Dispatch, Fuel Cell and Jawbone, make up the line and each piece take elements from Jupiter the frog. Several of the models are detailed with custom designed camouflage pattern on the side of the frames and a frog icon is etched on the left corner of the left lens. Frog theme continues onto the original soft pouch which has illustration of the frog and camouflage pattern surrounding it. via: hayabusa.bz

Oakley   Jupiter Camo Series

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