Jordan Flight Tour China 2011 Hangzhou With Carmelo Anthony + Chris Paul + Dwyane Wade | Event Recap

By - August 2nd, 2011

The troupe known as the Three Musketeers finally became whole again as Dwyane Wade joined Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul on the third stop of Jordan Flight Tour China 2011. With the ancient port city of Hangzhou as the backdrop, the three cruised on the legendary West Lake to take in the picturesque landscape along its shoreline. After the brief hiatus and a day’s rest, it was all business again as the players went on to train the Hangzhou’s 22 and Under National Team in a series of drills. To test if they mastered their skills after the day long conditioning, Team Jordan took on 3 of the players as a way to “teach by example”, albeit a comical one at times. As sun set, things took a quasi-serious turn as Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul returned to the court as competing coaches. With Wade on both commentator and referee duties, the 2 teams went head to head in a colorful match up. Not letting anything to chances, Anthony and Paul bested one another at intervals with tactics and counter moves. In fact, the game was even till Chris Paul’s team won it during overtime. The Jordan Flight Tour China 2011 will embark to the city of Beijing for its last and final stop this week.