Jay-Z Joins Forces With Billionaire Boys Club

By - August 3rd, 2011

A quick rebuttal via his Twitter account to clarify what GQ reported this morning, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z announced his fashion consortium Rocawear‘s purchase of Pharrell WilliamsBillionaire Boys Club isn’t a purchase at all.  Instead, its a partnership where each of the involved parties will bring their strengths to the effort.  Under the agreement, Rocawear will handle the logistic aspect, from manufacturing to distribution.  This will free up Williams to focus on BBC creative portion and marketing.  In addition, in keeping with Billionaire Boys Club founding motto, its merchandises will only be available at select boutiques around the world still.   Certainly a sweet heart deal for both men in the face of an uncertain outlook. More detailed information to come soon…


I still wouldn't want ROCAWEAR to even get near BBC.