U.S. Open of Surfing 2011 The Sounds | Event Recap

By - August 7th, 2011

Asked anyone who lived long enough to recall U.S. Open of Surfing as the United States Surfing Championships and they will tell you how dire the situation was just a few years ago. Like the sport it represented, the event’s popularity tend to ebb and flow with the time. To avoid such repeats, Hurley and Nike decidedly to include a music component, not just a side venue to placate audience in attendance but a centerpiece like its skate, BMX, and surf counterparts. This also meant the task of booking some of the up and coming musical talents with a relevancy to action sports. The first to graced the U.S. Open of Surfing 2011 musical stage was The Sounds, post-punk band hailed from Sweden. Stayed intact since its establishment by a group of classmates some 13 years ago, the longevity of its success is largely due to its underground peculiarity and celebrity following from Dave Grohl to Pharrell. Another is the intensity of lead singer Maja Ivarsson and her shocking blond mane, which has many recalling similarities to punk music pioneers of the band Blondie.

Photography: Poe for Freshness