Confederate Motorcycles – C3 X132 Hellcat | Development In Progress

By - August 10th, 2011

A true study of the term “contrarian”, Confederate Motorcycles gone against the odd makers time after time. They couldn’t put the company down in 2001 when it declared bankruptcy, only to resurrected in 2003. Hurricane Katrina should’ve put an end to its existence when it tore through the New Orleans-base company in 2005. Instead, Confederate moved to downtown Birmingham, Alabama with plans for expansion. Like a tenacious boxer that won’t stay down, Confederate exemplify its namesake as a rebel with a cause and as one of the few fabricator in the U.S. to design from the ground up. There is no mistaken of the results however. Each of Confederate’s creation is more than just a chopper or cafe racer. They belong in a completely new category where steam punks meet futurists, or as its founder Matt Chambers stated “as a form of art”.

In a series titled simply as “Development”, an imagery documentation of work in progress on Confederate’s new C3 X132 Hellcat, the 3rd generation to the company’s most successful design thus far (and the most affordable at $45,000 US). See why many considered a Confederate to be unlike any other motorcycles out there.