Star Wars x adidas Originals Campus 80s – Wampa | Available Now

By - August 10th, 2011

Equivalent to the abominable snowman of Earth’s lore, the Wampa is a fearsome predatory reptomammal that exist exclusively on the planet Hoth. A natural born predator, it easily dispose its prey with simple brute strength and razor sharp claws. But like all formidable creatures, hunters from all corners of the galaxy came to take down the beast, for their fur and as valued memento. In an effort to pronounce the plight of these creatures, adidas Originals created the Campus 80s Wampa. While it is in the exact likeness of its classic Campus 80s sneaker, the Campus 80s Wampa is covered front to back in a lush layer of faux Wampa fur, thus lessen the need to hunt down these king of Hoth’s frozen plains. The adidas Originals Campus 80s Wampa is now available as part of the Star Wars collaborative collection at all adidas Originals retail locations and online store.

Style: G51612
Color: White


fur fur...Cute...