Nike Air Max Ambassador IV (4) | Officially Unvealed

By - August 15th, 2011

The perfect case study of reducing product cost without encroaching performance, the Nike LeBron Ambassador footwear line was originally meant for the propagation of basketball, especially the growing interest in Asia over the last decade. So it was poignant to unveil the next generation of LeBron Ambassador in Chengdu, China over the weekend. Officially dubbed as the Nike Air Max Ambassador IV, this fourth generation saw some action as LeBron James took a pair for a spin during the second leg of his China 2011 Tour. An answer to players honing their skills, the Nike Air Max Ambassador IV doubled its shock absorption, first with Nike Zoom Air liner, followed by a visible Max Air outsole at the heel. Its an ideal solution for basketball fans of China, where street courts reign supreme. To counter the abrasive concrete/asphalt pavements, Nike Basketball devised an XDR outsole for durability and a special tread patterns specifically for street surfaces. Finally, a Flywire tensile upper and a TPU membrane ensure a glove-like fit every time, all the time.

Available in 4 different design schemes first, the Nike Air Max Ambassador IV will officially launch on Thursday, September 15th, 2011, at all Nike Basketball retail locations worldwide. In the meantime, LeBron is on route to third venue location in the city of Xi’an.