WALLY One | Ultimate Luxury Day Boat

By - August 15th, 2011

In the cloistered world of yacht builders, none has stirred up status quo than Luca Bassani Antivari, the founder of ship maker WALLY. Established in 1994, the relatively new company first re-imagined the sailing yacht sector with its sleek, aerospace inspired designs. Then there was the 2008 concept, the WALLY Island, a 325 feet long “gigayacht” with its own palm tree grove and mini soccer pitch. Antivari tried again the following year with WALLY Why, a collaborative experiment with luxury house HERMES in exploring a “motoring island” suited for year-long life on the sea.

Returning to a smaller scale, and perhaps feeling the effects of the global economy downturn, Antivari introduced the WALLY One, a 43 feet long roundabout, into WALLY Power product portfolio. Meant for a day trip on the high sea or a quick shore visit along the Mediterranean coast line, WALLY One is a single-deck pleasure boat. Powered by 2 Yanmar engine with a capacity of 630 horsepower, ample enough to permit speed up to 40-50 knots. However, its essential feature is its flexible deck layout that promotes every kind of water-borne activities, even a run to the mainland grocery store from your private island. To be available in the coming months, the WALLY One comes in 8 different color configurations and will set you back €580,000 or $ 838,150 US.