adidas Originals Blue Collection – Men’s Fall/Winter 2011

By - August 16th, 2011

adidas Originals Blue Collection   Mens Fall/Winter 2011

There is something to say about a well dressed man that he need not be in tune to the latest trends nor in suits and ties 24/7.  In fact, a simple and casual style adhered to the rules of coordinating is suffice.  That is the exact formula to the Men’s Fall/Winter 2011 line from adidas Originals Blue Collection.  Like the Women’s Collection, its male counterpart is also a sensible blend of active wear and causal design with comfort and functionalities as key elements.  For those unpredictable Fall weathers, adidas Originals included 3 outerwears – the TK Shell, TK Windbreaker, and Sporty Parka, into the line.  There is no lack of footwear either.  In total 4 editions to fit all occasions and looks.  Traditionalists will likely pick out Hardland Lo Leather, Toss Hi Leather, or Chord Leather as their favorites.  Contemporary styling might just go for the futuristic 4-Bit Textile as an option.  You can find hese and other designs from adidas Originals Blue Collection at select adidas Originals retail locations around the globe this very moment.

adidas Originals Blue Collection   Mens Fall/Winter 2011

adidas Originals Blue Collection - Men's Sporty Parka With Detachable Lining

adidas Originals Blue Collection - Men's Gingham Check Shirt

adidas Originals Blue Collection - Men's TK Shell

adidas Originals Blue Collection - Men's TK Windbreaker

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These are great the shoes and clothing fit amazing we carry the collection here @ Base 939 Lincoln Road Miami Beach Fl 33139


The shirts are pretty cool, would look best with some white/navy Rod Lavers.