Swizz Beatz Joins Lotus – Named VP of Creative Design & Global Marketing

By - August 17th, 2011

Based on his high profile as a rapper and music producer, as well as his recent success revitalizing the Reebok brand, Swizz Beatz has been hired by British automaker Lotus to assume the title of VP of Creative Design and Global Marketing. A video on the Lotus site shows Swizz on his first day of work, arriving at Lotus headquarters in a helicopter, checking in with CEO Dany Bahar, visiting the design studio, and advising a group of dubious Lotus employees by disclosing that prospective buyers are looking for “flashy” sports cars. The day ends at the racetrack, with Swizz going for quick spin in a Lotus vehicle. Time will tell where this ride takes the Lotus brand as well as its newest executive.


Wow, we have seen another act, of a 12 year old CEO OF LOTUS, the guy has driven the likes of success into the ground, one more time, the biggest mistake lotus owners have made is letting Dandy boy spend money and make too many decisions, This is what one person that has all the answers dose (((it don’t work))) burn Dandy boys ideas down, If you have a lotus sale it, the appeal is going down, we understand, the apple of a marketable item is based on its worth and the ability to get people to perceive the value as a needed item, were in the universe dose making this swizzle stick a great move, we are trying to get 12-22 year kids to buy cars and poor people, great job Dandy boy, some one screwed up giving Dandy boy the CEO job why we could have given him a job at Lotus but at the back of the room with no Desk, Pen or Paper.