UMBRO Foosball Cup | Event Recap

By - August 19th, 2011

UMBRO Foosball Cup | Event Recap

Now there is more than just dollar bills and free beers on the line as UMBRO hosted the very first Foosball Cup. 16 teams pitted against one another last night at Brooklyn’s Berry Park for the utlimate title. Just for authenticity, UMBRO throw in a bit of Manchester, the label’s hometown, with fish & chips, pint glass and sounds by DJ William Robbins of Fac Off. Though members of each team were more fixated on their competitions and those little men on a peg. 3 hours of rolls, spins, coerces, and screams, a winner came in the form of sweat drenched members from creative agency PSYOP. As consolation prizes, each team received customized UMBRO football jerseys.

Photography: Alexander Porter

UMBRO Fooball Cup Bracket

Saturdays Surf vs. Chinatown Soccer Club
Arrojo vs. Frank’s Chop Shop
Ace Hotel vs. Grand Life
Santos Party House vs. Southside
Yahoo! Dirty Tackle vs. Google
Thrillist vs. Buzzfeed
PSYOP vs. Bernstein & Andriulli

UMBRO Foosball Cup | Event Recap

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